New: $10,001 Membership Directory Features:

At no charge we create the Membership Directory for your nonprofit or church. Your members pay to be listed there. Their payment is also tax deductible. Our pay is a percentage of what is received so, if there is no payment from your members, there is no charge. (But that doesn’t happen).

Remember, we do it all for you. We manage, host, communicate, handle billing and payments and customer service. You don’t do anything except promote the page to your members. Also remember that we have $10,000 worth of traffic per month coming from the Google Ad Grant. These businesses, and your church, benefit from that traffic.



Dynamic Member Profile Pages

Your individual and business members will have their own public profile pages on your website. Profile pages are automatically and dynamically optimized to rank well in search engines. Your members can add information about themselves and visitors can contact members, leave reviews and more.

Self-Service Member Dashboard

Simplify your management tasks and focus on your website’s growth while your members manage their own accounts. Members can update their contact information, subscriptions, keep track of leads and reviews, upload content and more.

Create Membership Packages

Create unlimited free and paid membership levels. Charge members monthly, yearly, and even semi-annually! Control member access with over 40 privileges and restrictions that you can adjust to differentiate the benefits of each membership level.

Intuitive Management System

The member manager comes ready with all the essential tools you need to keep track of your website’s members. View their transaction history, payment subscriptions, email history, and more. You can even edit the information members add to their accounts.

Customize Member Form Fields

Boost SEO rankings by enabling members to add more information to their listings. You can decide what information you would like your members to input, making your directory’s member pages highly valuable and informative.

In conclusion… we help you get $10,000 per month in Google Ad Grants. We also build and manage a professional Membership Directory for your nonprofit. Members and businesses pay to be listed there because of the incoming traffic and the visibility that they support you. We get paid a percentage of what is paid. It is good for them and it is good for you, and you don’t have to do any work.