Attention Real Estate Brokers:

If Real Estate Agents Actually Used the Tech They Have Been Given How Much Would Their Sales Increase?

I contractually guarantee at least a 33% increase. My best guess is that we could double sales in one year or less simply by optimizing the tech you already have.

I can make a measurable difference for you starting at $100 a week.

Real Estate Agents and Technology don't necessarily go together much to the Brokers' chagrin.

You know the pieces are there, you just need someone to provide consistent application.

You have the tech.  The agents are working diligently, but you know that their effectivity is only one-half of what it could be if they simply used the technology you have made available to them.  Conversion Rob will simply make sure that your real estate agents get the benefits they need from the technology that is available by mentoring and training the ones that can handle it, or simply doing it for the ones that can’t.

Five Star Review Conversion Rob
Robert Merrill Fletcher Only Gets Five Star Reviews From His Clients

Robert Merrill Fletcher, ChE is a small business entrepreneur just like you.   He made his success by leveraging tech and online advertising to eventually create a company with 75 employees.  He started with $1000 in Pay Per Click (PPC) budget, turned that into $2,000, turned that into $4,000 and eventually turned that into a $6MM run rate company.  He has created over 7000 websites for his clients, and he helped them market their products through leading edge SEO techniques.   “Brokers don’t realize what a powerful asset their agent’s websites and internet presence can be when combined into a cohesive SEO and content marketing network”, Mr. Fletcher states.

ConversionRob is an expert at digital marketing. “I love real estate marketing because very few real estate companies do it correctly.  There is a nice opportunity for forward thinking brokers to take the lead and dominate their farm areas”, continues Mr. Fletcher. 

Mr. Fletcher assists existing real estate brokers as well as startups.  He also works with individual agents in select circumstances.   He continues, “often the easiest solution is to simply automate regular communications with the Agents’ existing leads that are stuffed in a drawer somewhere.  Sales is a contact sport.  Simply maintaining regular contact leads to measurable sales increases”, he concludes.

For a free, no obligation discussion of how to improve your real estate business simply give Mr. Fletcher a call or drop him an email.  He contractually guarantees at least a 33% increase in sales.

Robert Merrill Fletcher, ChE
Cell: 561.880.4280 (EST)

Other Real Estate & Business Technical and Advisory Services Offered:

  • Managing and updating  Web-Site
  • Creating and Designing Print ads
  • Managing all Social Media
  • Creating and Managing all marketing efforts for listings
  • Developing Marketing Plans for the Team and individual Agents
  • Managing lead software
  • Develop marketing materials and advertising campaigns from conception to completion that are timely and effective
  • Monitor incoming leads and prospects and then incorporate those into marketing campaigns to help increase company growth
  • Keep company messages concise and consistent in accordance with your brand
  • Social Media Posting and Management
  • Develop, Prepare and Deliver Mailers. Monthly EDDM Mailing
  • Manage business plan & goals with Owner and Team.
  • Complete tasks for lead generation systems
  • Forecast and develop and needed systems & structures for increasing business
  • Oversee all listing files and listing marketing (brochures, flyers, postcards, online marketing).
  • Participate in training sessions. Manage Marketing Plan.
  • Assist in developing new business tools, ideas and materials.
  • Lead Intake System