0.0 Marketing Automation For Your Clients and Leads Means Regular Contact and More Sales.

How many LEADS does your company have in total? Last year? This year?What is your average Sales Cycle Time? How many times was each lead contacted in the last year? Do those numbers match?

How many customers do you have? When was the last time they were recontacted? News about your company or their industry? Referral requests? Testimonial requests? The list of professional reasons you can recontact your clients is endless… and by staying at the top of their mind-awareness, you keep them from drifting away!

Marketing automation deals with the fact that your salespeople work the CURRENT LEADS and very, very rarely go backwards. Let’s face it, the new shiny lead is the most hopeful. Going backwards is work!

Marketing Automation is very simple. We simply setup automated rules to recontact and revisit old leads.

Our Marketing Automation engagement is quite simple. We “load” your leads into Infusionsoft, and we build campaigns to automate sales, recontact, and a host of other “stay in touch” initiatives.

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